History & Mission

Somerset Engineering was founded by Peter Saunderson in 1981 to provide construction engineering to a few select clients. In 1984, Jeff Mullins, who had previously worked with Peter in the 70’s, joined him on the Alex Fraser Bridge site, teaming up to provide the scheme to PCL for the superstructure and cable erection. The project was a huge success so after completion in 1986, Jeff joined Somerset as a full partner. Steadily the company grew and the client list expanded to include many large General Contractors throughout North America. As our services offered included erection estimates for labour and equipment, erection schemes and erection site supervision it was decided to also perform erection services ourselves. Therefore in 1989 KWH Constructors Ltd was formed and Somerset became a subsidiary to the field services company further enhancing our problem solving and practical knowledge.

Somerset Engineering’s work is strictly with the contractor and not as a designer therefore we have developed a niche business over the many years of operation. Today, Somerset is recognized as one of the leading Construction Engineering companies in North America.


Our mission is to provide our clients with practical and economic construction schemes. We cultivate a freethinking work environment, where our engineers can draw on the company’s depth of heavy construction experience to develop safe solutions for complex structural challenges. We aim to maintain our leading reputation in the industry and help our clients deliver successful projects in the field.